Purpose & Direction
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I was sleepwalking through life before, jaded really despite everything I had and my obvious success. After the coaching, I felt happier than I had for years, with more clarity and focus.


12 session coaching programme

(2 x blocks of 6 sessions)


Recognising that our life isn't really working for us like it used to is a huge thing.  "Is this it?"   you might ask yourself.  Some periods of our lives have been full of surprises, of passions, or lessons to be learnt as we move into different life phases and different roles. But now  you're  constantly asking yourself "what am I doing with my life?"


Recognising you are in the middle of a midlife crisis or a change in circumstances that you need to deal with can be liberating.  


So now's your chance to create a life you really love - whether it's a turning your passion into a career, or moving to a new country, to living life with purpose, direction and meaning. To get some energy and focus back into your life. 

We can all press the reset button and reinvent our selves, whatever age our crisis might happen.  This is an opportunity to really change your life for the better, to a life your really deserve. A happier, more purposeful life with direction and meaning. 

This is my flagship programme that spans 2 blocks of 6 sessions. It's a programme for people who are really committed to making their life the best it can be,  and works on deeper levels of insight and intention.