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Team building
Team Building for success

Training, Presentations & Workshops

This programme is to help teams build a sustainable culture where you can work together for success.   You can practice tools and techniques to restore balance, equilibrium and build time into your work schedules to give back energy and motivation to colleagues.


Yout team will learn how to have difficult conversations to give you boundraries, assertiveness and control, to help reduce pressure at work, and create a culture that works.   More importantly, you will all understand how to use a positive collaborative cohesive communication styles to create a strong team. 

How this can be useful for you team:

  • Do you have a team that is pulling in different directions?

  • Are you concerned about your teams' wellbeing and want to support them to be healthy and happy?

  • Is there some conflict with some of your team members?

  • Do you want to develop their unique strengths and talents?

  • Is there a culture you want to change?

An independent Team Building coach can help get your team on track for success, inspire your team and their talents, and troubleshoot any issues that are affecting the team's performance. 


This programme is essential for teams who want to enjoy their working lifes, but still want high performance. 

*Team Building can be created around these steps:


  • Know your team strengths

  • Communication & compassion

  • Team wellbeing that balances people and performance

  • A collaboratative culture that works

  • Team building to create success

  • Trouble-shooting

Call Ella on 07597157194 or email to discuss what your team needs.   Prices start at £1,500.


Team Building can be based around a day's workshop, a programme of individuals 121s, or regular consultancy to keep momentum and measure success.  

*based on evidence-based techniques from organisational psychology, change management, behavioural change and positive psychological coaching.  Ella works with  and the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.

Groups coaching sessions

If you'd like to know more about coaching workshops or group sessions, email Ella or call for an informal discussion. 

Sessions can cover areas around confidence, burnout, stress management and building resilience. Suitable for work teams, student groups, small businesses, educators and health care workers. 

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