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6 weeks (6 sessions)


If you are in a state of chronic stress, overwork or anxiety, there are ways to help boost your resiliance.  Burnout and leaving your job is not the only option, and this programme will look at burnout prevention, before it becomes a crisis. 

This programme is perfect for high-achieving people, who are feeling under-fulilled, and when play hard/work hard is taking its toll.  You can practice tools and techniques to restore balance, equilibrium and build time into your schedule to give back energy and motivation. You will learn how to have difficult conversations to give you boundraries, assertiveness and control, to help reduce pressure.   


This programme is great for people who want more work life balance, and those who want to create a more compassionate workplace that they are part of, such as: 

  • Parents

  • Healthcare and clinical workers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Leaders and professionals

  • Small Business Owners

All sessions are confidential, and can be organised to fit around your schedule, including evenings and weekends.

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